Funny Gifts for Christmas

The holiday season is a time of forgiveness and happiness. Spreading joy and happiness can be achieved through many ways and gifts are the usual trend. But like always, you should not be gift people the same type of things. Instead, crack up a little and explore the funny side. So, to help you out, here are some funny gifts that you can give out this holiday season.

The Farter Mug

Mugs are the ideal gifts that help people to kick start their day with some coffee. Thanks to the availability of space,mugs can be customised, as anything can be printed on them. So, during this season, gifting your dad a cup that says ‘Best Farter Ever. Oops! I meant Father’ is the best way to make everything look funny.

Prison Mike Air Freshener

Michael Scott and team might be leaving streaming platforms, but we are sure that they won’t leave our hearts. So, during Christmas, bring back the cheer with Prison Mike Air Freshener, as he makes your car cool and fresh.

Pizza Pouch

Know a person who is obsessed with Pizza? Well, then here is a gift that you can give them that is bound to make them happier. The Pizza Pouch is a handy tool that lets them carry a slice or two whenever they go out. Hence, they will be crunching and chewing as always.

Shower Beer Holder

Ever experienced the feeling of having some chilled beer while taking a shower? Well, if you haven’t, then this is the ideal way to start things off. The Shower Beer holder lets you store your beer in the right container, as you go about having some steam bath. But the only wrong side to this gift is the fact that it might confuse you whether or not to gift it or keep it.

Rock Ugly Christmas Sweater

Dwayne The ‘Rock’ Johnson is a phenomenal name in entertainment and items that carry on that tag are always successful. So why not include that this season? The Rock Ugly Christmas Sweater is a comfortable clothing material that you can buy for your family and friends, as it keeps them warm this season. As far as the design is concerned, we believe that it adds on to the essence of style.

‘The Walking Dead’ Blood Red Blend

Chilling with some wine and cake makes the perfect evening during this season. So to make things better, drinking some fine wine inspired by “The Walking Dead” only justifies the spirit and feel. Some bloody red wine for the zombie enthusiast qualifies as a gift that is meant to cheer the show’s favourite fans. Hence, add these gifts this season and witness joy and pleasure on people’s faces.