Gag Gifts to Make People Go LOL

Gifts are a way of telling people how much they mean to you. But at times, they are also ways of informing a particular aspect of an individual. Be it their humour, character, personality, and so on. For such perfect descriptions, you require Gag gifts that are sure to crack up the funny bone. So, here are some of those gag gifts to make your friends go LOL.

Batman Snuggie

Staying warm this winter is essential to fight back the weather. This necessity can also be termed into a gift, as you can give them the Batman Snuggie. This cosy blanket will not only keep people warm but also remind them of their favourite individual from Gotham city. With costs being minimum, this gift makes things more appealing.

Toilet Mugs

Mugs or cups can be descriptive as they feature in different sizes and shapes, including various signs and words. So in this manner, a toilet mug is an ideal gift that is sure to make everyone’s morning into a luxurious one. The shape and size are descriptive, and the idea is commendable.

Animal Butt Magnets

Gifts can be thoughtful, expressive and weird. In this scenario, they are extremely weird, and an Animal Butt Magnet proves that point even more. They cost less and feature only the backside of animals, just like how the name suggests. Such gifts can be given to that one crazy individual in the group, as it also provides scope for some funny Instagram story.

How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety

Attention all cat owners! This is an essential book that you need to buy, as it talks about some serious issues that you might be facing daily. The book was successful in answering some serious questions like, ‘Why does my cat need to use the Internet?’ among a few others. The appropriate knowledge will be received by just purchasing this gem of a book.

Awkward Family Photos

Capturing uncomfortable and awkward moments in camera can be bad for the people in the photo, but later they turn out to be funny material for other people. So now imagine an entire book that is filled with such images. That is a pretty cool collection and will ensure that you remain happy till the last page.

The Emergency Clown Nose

Life will present you with unpredictable situations, and you might not be ready. For example, what if there is a birthday party in 3 minutes and you cannot arrange a clown? Well, there is nothing to be worried about since you can wear the emergency clown nose. A simple and thoughtful item that suits everyone’s face and gives them a perfect look.