Unusual Gifts for an Unusual Person

We have certain friends who are crazy and make us laugh instantly. They try to catch up on the weirdest things in life and blend well into making it a laughable material. Such people would always love it when you provide them with something that adds on to their humorous side — for example, giving certain gifts that are twisted but not as twisted as them. So, to bring light to the subject, here are some unusual gifts for an unusual person.

Face t-shirts

Have you ever seen someone wearing a t-shirt that has their face printed on it? Well, these are some hilarious gifts that you can gift to people. The design aspect can be changed based upon your interest, and the outcome will always be hilarious. Hence, surprise them with this one.

The Rockstar Towel

Towels are a great way of telling your friend how weird they are. These towels can be printed with their favourite artists and rockstars are a good way to start the process. People like Freddie Mercury, Ozzy Osbourne and Axl Rose are some noteworthy candidates for the same.

The Office t-shirts

Apart from face t-shirts, there are specific other t-shirts that give the right impression. For example, the hit American Sitcom, ‘The Office’ has some cool and weird merchandise that can pass as an excellent gift. These t-shirts have some of the most famous dialogues by none other than ‘Michael Scott’, ‘Dwight Schrute’ among a few others. Plus, if you’re friend is a fan of ‘The Office’, then that makes everything look way better.

OG Kushion

The OG Kushion is a classic way of misleading people and making them believe in things that do not exist at the moment. The cushion gives the impression of weed, but in reality, all it contains is some puns and polyester. Hence, this can qualify as a great way of tricking people, as the cushion is pretty convincing.

A Tinder Swiping Finger Robot

Yes, such things do exist. The tinder swiping finger robot is a gadget that will eliminate wrist pain and other such risks you take while you keep on swiping the whole day. This gadget does the job for you and keeps on going in the same direction depending upon your needs and requirements.


Selfie Toasters

Man’s obsession with selfies will probably never end, as we keep coming with ideas to promote the act. The latest to join that wagon is a selfie toaster. Such toasters print an individual’s face on the bread, and that either makes their day or ruins it completely. Regardless, in the end, you are left with a weird gift, and you know whom to give it to.